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FLEXTin is a leading software solution for your site management needs. We provide a safe and secure cloud-based platform built to revolutionise your workforce management and administration on all company levels.

FLEXTin provides an Online Portal and Free Mobile Phone App enabling you to manage workforce and visitors in your workplace. You can access important information, at any time, with the ability to manage people signing in/out, site inductions, RAMS, reporting and more – all via one system.

FLEXTin allows inductions and administration to be completed before people arrive on-site and avoids wasted time and a loss of productivity. FLEXTin provides full transparency and visualisation of the workplace and improves communication, health & safety compliance, and managing information reports.

Whether you need help with improving business productivity, safety standards, site transparency or fluidity, FLEXTin will provide the solutions for you.


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