The safe, quick way of signing in & out of construction & building sites

• Off site induction Swipe in/out Click to see who’s on site
No more paper No more crowded site offices Helps to beat COVID-19

Record the movement of tradespeople and staff on construction & building sites. Easy to use, ready to go app that allows safe access by scanning a QR code.

Be much better informed | Message individuals / everyone | Maintain social distancing | Real-time info | Respond to COVID-19 incidents / emergencies quickly | & much more…

Touchless, Paperless, Painless

 Know who’s on site by name, trade and number of each trade.

 No more guessing or deciphering everyone’s handwriting.

 Users register their profile on the app, during site induction.

 As the users sign in the 1st time, details are stored in a secure online portal.

 In an emergency, immediate alerts can be sent to everyone and there is an evacuation list.

 Supports H&S policy and insurance cover against unwarranted injury/loss claims.

A GDPR compliant, cloud based platform to store your data securely

Having total control of your data is more important than ever. FLEXTin helps you to manage personnel, tradespeople and site visitors’ personal information, while respecting and maintaining their privacy.

How it helps prevent the spread of Covid-19

• Completely contactless. No need to sign in and out with the same pen as everyone else.

• No need to queue within an overcrowded site office.

• FLEXTin enables the user to report to site management if tested positive for Covid-19.

• FLEXTin enables site management to easily & quickly identify & notify others who may have been exposed to Covid-19. The report categorises the users in trades or departments that makes it easy to identify high risk areas within the site or building. This allows you to make better informed decisions and act accordingly.

A modern, safer way to sign in and out

Contactless sign in allows users to sign in and out using their smartphones. There is no requirement to touch a pen or any other screen. Print a unique QR code and display at the site entrance, or at multiple locations. For example, outside the site office, compound, or parking area for everyone to simply scan in and out.

Features & Benefits

Contactless sign in

Mobile sign in

Staff & Contractor Sign In

Online portal

Evacuation List

Data Privacy

Custom data fields



Sign in app tap

A modern, digitised sign-in experience

Create a simple sign in procedure, with just a few requested details. If a more detailed sign in is required, use our enhanced custom fields to ask for additional information. You have multiple options, from dropdown menus to Yes/No questions which are perfect for H&S requirements.

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